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Chosen Few DJs Launch A New Business

Chicago DJ / producer collective Chosen Few DJs to have launched an artist management company Chosen Few Artist Management Inc. Is based out of Chicago and Los Angeles. That will handle artist  

representation, bookings, live performances, recording projects, merchandise and so forth.

They have already signed on Monique Bingham and Chuck Roberts (who's the voice behind "My House" acapella anthem (In The Beginning There Was Jack). 

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NYC Council Creates A Nightlife Advisory Panel


August 23, 2017, councilmen Rafael Espinal of Brooklyn sponsor this bill. That passed and will be designed to reduce regulations on small business operators in the city's clubs and entertainment venues.

The board will consist of representatives from the council and the mayor's office that have ties to the industry. They will put together a host of policies and recommendations within the next 18months with Mayor Bill de Blasio on board to support this measure. Rafael Espinal states small venues helps to give NYC its identity too.  

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DJ Pierre Delivers 1st Album EVER!


The founding – father of Acid House is set to release his first ever album titled "Get Physical" in stores November 24, 2017


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Cassio Ware Writes A New Book And Album


The Hugh Hefner of House music has a new book due to be released this year titled: I, Love & Women. Along with an album titled: My Grandmother Told Me that's dated to be in stores October 28, 2017.


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Masters At Work & The Martinez Brothers Make Music


Two of NYC's hottest dance music acts team-up to make what is sure to be some timeless magic. Very few details were given but sou-rces  close to us say it'll an E.P.

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K- Hand Named First Lady Of Detroit Techno


July 27, 2017, Detroit city council recognized several artists that included: K-Hand, Terrence Parker, Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and the late Ken Collier for their contributions to electronic music.


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Mike Dunn 1st Album In 27 Years


Chicago's own unleashes a 14-track project titled "My House From All Angles" that is due out this December 2017


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The Rurals Digs Into Their Music Vault


House music's ex-husband/wife team has decided to put out some never heard before works they did between the years of 1995 – 1996. There hasn't been a release date for these projects but we'll be the first to let you know.

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Louie Vega Teams Up With BET Awards


House music's great Louie Vega was honored with being the musical director for a tribute to House music. It is said to take place at next year's award show.  


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Soundcloud Saved


In early August of this year, the music-streaming platform SoundCloud was given a finical life – raft of $169 million to keep from going out of business.

New team players are now set to take a  

positions that included: CEO Alex Ljung was replaced with former Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor and co-founder Mike Weissman to COO and CTO Eric Wahlforss becomes CPO. There is still an uphill battle for this company because they still have not broken even yet.