Jasper Street Co. & Louie Vega Nominated For Grammy.

Louie Vega states he didn’t know the news because he was in the studio with Josh Milan of Blaze / Honeycomb Records. Louie explains the original track: "Praying For You" had him on the dance floordancing in Baltimore at a party. When found out it was Teddy Douglas aka Basement Boys who did this track, he pleaded for the parts to create this piece of magic. The rest is history.

Jasper Street Co. is a gospel-oriented house-music group. The includes members: Alton McClain Scarborough, Fruity, Jonathan Lesane, Kathryn Ross, Martin Wilson, Ontaii Pope, Rodney Hamlett, Sean Spencer, Thomas Roberts, Jr., Tracy Hamlin, Vonita White, Wondress Hutchinson, DJ Spen & Teddy Douglass. LISTEN HERE.

Jasper Street Co. Performing Their Smash Hit " Praying for You"