Sam The Man Burns Departs.

D.C. Loses Their Godfather of House

March 7, 2020, was a day that left many in the deep house community in shock and sadness.

Sam Burns (63) a Washington D.C. native and godfather of D.M.V. (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia) house scene, passed away suddenly. Cause of death unknown.

Sam started his DJ career in 1978 during the disco era and from there into the house-music era. Sam was a teacher, who remained the student of this culture was something that set him apart from others.

A man with a great heart, who always showed love and gave admiration to others. Not to mention his promoting for good health. Is what makes his passing a shocker to those that knew Burns

Sam worked at Twelve Inch Dance Records that later became DJ Hut a highly regarded, DJ friendly record store. Sam not only sold records but even tried his hand at it with the single he performed with The Right On Brothers – Soulis (2002).

A DJ that set the tone at a party - knew when to touch you and how-to touch you on the dance floor, is the reason many of his parties were must-attend events with lines of people awaiting entry.

Humble, funny, wise and unselfish are the words that come to mind when I think of Sam. Rest well our friend.