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Love Hints In Relationships

Dating and relationship advice column.

“Love’s best habit is a soothing tongue.” – William Shakespeare

“Better to slip with foot than tongue.” – Benjamin Franklin

The power of the tongue is something that has been recognized for centuries.
The tongue can build you up or tear you down depending on how it is used.
Use of the tongue can be a gift or even an art form – and in a romantic relationship is a necessary tool like nails or glue to build something strong.
Words of encouragement and a pleasant tone can make the biggest difference in how your partner receives and acts on the thoughts you convey.
A very common thing that occurs in many relationships today is being “smart-mouthed” or overly sarcastic with you partner. This is something that should be avoided, especially when discussing serious matters. You’ll find a calm tongue brings an even temper that allows for clearer communication.
Most importantly this conveys a level of respect that gains you better results with your loved-one.
You may find expressions of endearment and gratitude to be priceless when speaking to each other i.e. “Sweetheart can we talk?” or Babe, will you do me a favor and clean the _____ this weekend as you promised?” or “I just want to thank you for ____.”
Let the great quote “put yourself in the other person shoes” be your guide before speaking and you are sure to have the greatest success with the person who means the most.


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