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Question of the Moment

This section is where we want to know your thoughts/opinions on question(s) we pose.

To Capture A Moment Or To Enjoy The Moment?

Today’s world we live in is full of selfie-photos, videos, and social media posts and it makes you wonder, are we losing the natural feeling of what is called an moment?

Especially when you’re at a night-club and there are so many patrons filming with their cell-phones causing flashes of bright lights to shine in a dimly lit space - can make an individual feel this is an invasion of their personal space.

So the question I ask. Is this fair?

Even if you are filming yourself and friends, this can disturb some nearby patrons who paid to be there to have a good time. Just like you!

Some establishments now have policies that prohibit filming. We are adults and should not have to be parented but when a lack of consideration happens more often than not what is one to do?

Put down the phone, pick up a drink and have a dance because your energy helps the night too.

Besides, the best camera ever made is your memory.


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