Dr. that gives it to you straight with no chaser.

Dr. Jerome

Dear Doctor Jerome,

I’m secretly seeing my daddy’s best friend and I’m tired of hiding it.

As a 19-year-old who’s not in high school anymore, I feel grown enough to choose who I date. Wouldn’t you agree?



Listen to yourself over there. I can still smell the bubble gum on your breath.

You still got a lot to learning to do baby girl.

So before you go giving up some of that sweet pen-nay can-day, let me fill you out – I mean, find out what makes you like older men so much.


Dear Dr. Jerome,

I recently ended a 10-year relationship and I feel as if I forgot how to approach women.

So I wanted to know if you can offer a guy like me some dating advice.



What I want you to do - is go out to a bar and get good and drunk!

Before you do, remember these lines. They are sure to get you some attention.

1. Excuse me. Do I know yo momma?

2. I think you want to take me home with you?

3. If I buy you a drink can I have some of yo stanky-stank?

These are sure to break the ice (if not your jaw) and before you know it you’ll be straight playa like me!

Side Note: We are not responsible for any bodily harm or legal actions that may be brought upon person(s) for saying the lines mention above.